Announcement on opening new version of student ID card

The Asia Pacific School of business decided to officially use the new version of student ID card to meet the requirements of the Ministry of education and the Private Education Council, as well as to meet the needs of digital cluster management.

The new version of the smart student ID is issued in the form of a smart card. Each smart student ID is equipped with an integrated circuit, or "chip", which can store and process data. The shape of the smart student card is the same size as a normal credit card, and it is made of polycarbonate glue. This is a very durable and reliable material, it is very resistant to physical, chemical and temperature changes and environmental influences. The new version of the smart student card integrates anti-counterfeiting, data, and informatization. Meet the relevant digital certification requirements of the International Student Organization and International Student Identity Card.

Your personal information on the new version of the Smart Student ID will be adequately protected through the following measures:

The collection, storage, use and disclosure of data are implemented in accordance with the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance", "Student Registration Ordinance" and "Information Security Regulations".
Only authorized departments can access the relevant database, and the database will not be shared between different colleges and campus departments.
Conduct regular privacy impact assessments.
After verifying your identity, you can use the new version of the smart student ID reader at the self-service station of the Student Affairs Department to view the data stored on your new version of the smart student ID.
The chip only stores the smallest amount of data, while the more sensitive data is stored in the terminal computer system. All non-private personal security purposes that you choose to add to the new version of the smart student ID are voluntary.
Data for different purposes will be separated. The chip is equipped with a separate storage area to store student status affairs functions and other non-student affairs value-added uses separately.


Technical features 

8 Species      3 Channels

 Anti-counterfeiting               Military encryption technology

                         Data information interpretation
(1) The student ID officially uses the school code that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Private Education Council.
(2) Increase the unique code of student ID in digital library.
(3) Student ID barcode recognition.
(4) Service organization identification of relevant applicable scenarios.
              Interpretation of anti-counterfeiting information
(5) Composition of anti-counterfeiting linear APSB for micro text.
(6) Symphony gradient professional anti-counterfeiting shading.
(7) High-strength encrypted near-field induction contactless machine-readable chip.
(8) Anti-counterfeiting ink holographic gradient marking.
(9) 306nm multi-layer fluorescent anti-counterfeiting school logo.
(10) Laser holographic optical coating layer.
(11) 3500oe high resistance magnetic strip on the back.
(12) Ultra-high precision 4-color offset printing process.
(13) Embedding style holographic laser logo on the back.
(14) Digital campus stored-value consumption function.

Remarks: This function will be adjusted according to different departments and campuses.

                                      Student Affairs Department
                         Office of the Superintendent of Education
                                   Released on August 10, 2019

Special Note: apply or register is free for the first time. The first time redeem or reissue will charge a card production cost of $15; the second time redeem or reissue will charge a card production cost of $25.