Academic Meeting

Nov 05 2021

With the continuous development of education and the emphasis on teaching, teaching and research in the academic evaluation system, it has been affected by many factors. Many colleges and universities have shown academic misconduct in the construction and development of scientific research, which has seriously affected colleges and universities. The healthy and sustainable development of scientific research. The Asia Pacific School of Business adheres to the principle of “cooperating with the international, combating impurity”, and cooperates with many domestic and overseas institutions of higher learning with experience in dealing with continuous academic behaviors. It analyzes the characteristics and causes of current academic impurity, and proposes experience Enlightenment, measures to prevent academic misconduct. 

The Asia Pacific School of Business united with many well-known universities at home and abroad to create the "Anti-Academic Misconduct Coalition" and set up the "Mechanism to Combat Academic Misconduct."

In May 2021, we successfully held the "First Global Academic Meeting Mechanism" forum meeting in Japan. As the first host institution, Kyoto University was a complete success. In January 2022, The Asia Pacific School of Business will host the "2022 and Academic Meeting" as the rotating chairman institution. We look forward to your participation to promote the progress and development of human society with pure academics.

In view of the uncertainty of the epidemic and the differences in the control of the epidemic by various countries, we have decided to implement an online meeting mechanism. Please download Microsoft Teams according to the requirements of the academic liaison officer (depending on the system, please download the Windows, Android or Apple IOS version).

Only applicable to academic groups and personnel from China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Province and Southern Tibet “Arunachal Pradesh illegally controlled by India”).